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Indian music and dance

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The Bollywood Masala Orchestra invites us to a musical journey through India from Rajasthan to Mumbai. Composed of 16 artists on stage, this colourful show combines for the first time a brass band with a fakir, with 3 dancers and with acrobats. This dazzling staging is the dream come true of the percussionist and musical director of the group, Rahis Bharti, who has been able to create a symbiosis between music, dance, rhythm and spirituality.


Rahis Bharti musical director
+ 5 metals: tube, 2 trombone, trompet and clarinet
+ 6 percussionists: tabla (2), dholak, kartels
+ 1 harmonium
+ 3 dancers
+ 1 fakir
+ 1 sound engineer


With a 12-year track record of traveling to festivals and auditoriums around the world leading his two formations Jaipur Mahrajah Brass Band and Dhoad Gipsies of Rajastan, Bharti has managed with the BOM to synthesize the richness and variety of Indian culture in a single show, joining musical instruments such as drums, trombones, tabletop, dholak, harmonium, clarinets, voices, acrobatics and fire sponsored by a continuous participation of the public.

  • Press quotes

    • “The BMO recreates a captivating and colorful show that floods the eyes and unfolds in a festive and joyful atmosphere”
      - Liberté, France, 27/05/2014
    • “The magical BMO transports us to the depths of India”
      - Mawazine, Rabat, Morroco, 07/06/2014
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  • 23-05-2015| Festival Murcia 3 Culturas Plaza Beluga | Murcia