Geni Barry



City of origin

Barcelona, Spain


Geni Barry is beyond doubt the best vibraphonist all over Spain: a real jazzman and an invetered showman, he is a be-bop expert. Right arm of International piano player Tete Montoliu for more than a decade, today, regardless of performing in a trio, quartet or duo, Geni goes unquestionably straight to the heart.
Barry presents today a delicious and unique performance devoted to the masters of jazz: Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Brubeck, Thelonius Monk, Wayne Shorter and to songwriters such as Henry Mancini and Antonio Carlos Jobim.


Geni Barry vibraphone
Xavier Algans piano
Guim Garcia alto sax
Jordi Gaspar double bass


  • I want to talk about you | Swing Alley | 2009
  • Yes or No | Blue Moon | 2007
  • Giant Steps | Taller de Musics | 2000


Born in Barcelona, Geni Barry grew up breathing rythms like swing, be-bop and hard-bop performing in all types of bands together with the most representative international jazz musicians: Tete Montoliu, Albert Bover, Lucky Guri, Nono Fernandez, among others. Geni Barry has performed in most national jazz festivals and venues. Also important to consider the fact that he has the right hand for internationally acclaimed pianist Tete Montoliu.
Unquestionably gifted as a performer, Barry is also his own instrument-maker: in late 1986 he made, thanks to his knowledge on robotics, his vibraphone, making of it a stronger and more transportable instrument with an excellent sonority.
Barry performs together with the most important Catalan jazz artists. The ensemble plays a repertoire which includes artists such as Theloniuos or Davis, making a journey through other musician's songs who have featured in their concerts and who play the same style: Be-Bop, known for having struck traditional jazz harmony and rythmic, whilst maintaining the typical structure: melody (intro) - improvisation (body) - melody (outro).

  • Press quotes

    • “The vibraphonist Geni Barry presents his strongest album”
      - Roger Roca, El Periódico, 24/09/2010 | Open
    • “A fascinating immersion in the essence of jazz”
      - Pere Pons, “I’m talkin’ about you” CD Prologue, 01/05/2009
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  • 16-03-2012| Festival Internacional de Terrassa Nova Jazz Cava
  • 22-07-2010| Mosaïque Jardins Suspendus | Le Havre, France
  • 15-12-2009| Geni Barry 4tet + guests Nova Cava Jazz | Terrassa
  • 03-10-2009| Festival de Jazz Pl. Marqués de Rafal | Orihuela (Alicante)
  • 28-02-2009| Ciclo Jazz C.C. Caja Burgos | Aranda de Duero
  • 25-10-2008| Festival de Jazz | Teruel
  • 05-09-2008| Festival de Jazz Centre cultural | La Vall D’Uixó
  • 13-08-2008| Festival Mas i Mas Jamboree | Barcelona
  • 08-08-2008| Festival Big Band | Pertuis, France
  • 25-05-2008| + Albert Bover Auditori | Cervera
  • 22-03-2008| Mirando las Estrellas Jaca | Huesca
  • 15-03-2008| UniversiJazz Casino Antic del Castello | Barcelona
  • 20-07-2007| Homenatge Tete Montoliu Festival Internacional de Jazz d’Escaldes | Andorra
  • 19-04-2007| Bilbaina Jazz Club | Bilbao
  • 10-02-2007| New album “Yes or no” presentation Jamboree | Barcelona
  • 11-06-2006| Le Caveau de la Huchette (6 dias) | Paris
  • 12-11-2005| Festival Internacional d’Albacete | Albacete
  • 21-10-2005| Sala Mozart Auditorium | Palma de Mallorca
  • 14-01-2005| Ciclo de jazz Auditorio de Cajamadrid | Barcelona
  • 09-11-1999| Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona Palau de la Musica | Barcelona
  • 18-01-1999| TVE1 TV temática el programa de ”Jazz en España” Live en Galileo Galilei | Madrid
  • 14-01-1999| Club Clamores (4 days) | Madrid
  • 23-03-1990| Festival Internacional de Jazz de Terrassa | Terrassa