Wassim Soubra


Oriental classical music

City of origin

Beirut, Lebanon


Wassim Soubra musical director and piano
Amaia Ruano cello
Irene Argüello viola
Magalí Mestre recitative


  • Dunes | | 2011
  • Oriental Sonatas | Institut du Monde Arabe | 2009
  • Bach to Beirut | | 2006


Wassim Soubra was born under the protective shade of the cedars and snowy mountains of Lebanon. At 17, he fled the civil war travelling to Paris, Florence and Boston. With an extreme sensitivity, his compositions tell us simply of the double origin of Man, of the continuous East and West that lives in each one of us. His music is born from a subtle alliance between the grammar of tonal music and the fluidity of oriental music, from a refined balance between the written and the verbal.
Wassim Soubra is nowadays based in Barcelona.

  • Press quotes

    • “Wassim Soubra a composé cet Opéra d'Orient inspiré par le mythe d'Adonis. Un mythe qui a marqué le Liban Antique, la Phénicie et imprègne le Liban d'aujourd'hui.”
      - France Culture, 12/02/2017 | Open
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  • 24-03-2021| Wassim Soubra Sextet Institut Français | Barcelona
  • 20-06-2014| Les Jardins d'Adonis Unesco | Paris