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Las Palmeras y el Viento
Cuanto más viajo | Más se ensancha el mundo / Cuanto más lejos ando / Más se ensancha el mundo / Sed de viaje / Hambre de volar (The more I travel / The more the world widens / The farther I walk / The less I get confused / Thirst for travel / Hungry for flying)



Much rain has fallen since the days when he was the singer and guitarist in the mod band Brighton' 64 appearing on National TV in Spain. Since then, Daniel Cros has followed a trajectory that has been seduced by pop, jazz and Latin rhythms, now he has brought all these genres together into one unique style.
Undoubtedly, Cros is today a great artist both as a songwriter and composer with his ambition to create classics, and also a performer, in the way he manages to convey what he feels passionately but also temperately. He recreates his own world, where love (lost & found) is the only thing that matters. He uses art and expression in a way that gives true meaning to his life.
The Danish magazine for world music Djembe gave four stars to his albums, "Por arte de magia and "Aire de mar", referring to it as «a magnific craftmanship in which Cuba and Spain shake hands together in harmonious fusion».

  • Press quotes

    • “Cros best showcases his cosmopolitan talent for strong emotive songwriting”
      - Billboard Magazine, 27/08/2010
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  • 27-02-2014| Centro de Desarrollo Cultural de Moravia | Medellín, Colombia
  • 05-12-2013| Zinco Jazz Club | DF, México
  • 02-11-2013| La Claranda | Serres, France
  • 29-06-2013| Teatro Consistorial de Gáldar | Gáldar, Las Palmas
  • 29-03-2013| Festival Barnasants Luz de Gas | Barcelona
  • 10-08-2012| Con Geni Barry Festival de Jazz | Arenys de Mar
  • 09-06-2012| Zinco Jazz Café | México, DF
  • 01-06-2012| Showcase Salón Púrpura Feria Internacional de Música (FIM) | Guadalajara, México


  • 24-09-2021 | Madame Bao | Sitges
  • 22-10-2021 | Trio Rosazul Estudi | Barcelona
  • 19-11-2021 | La Fada Ignorant | Andorra la Vella