Gustav Lundgren


Jazz manouche

City of origin

Stockholm, Sweden


Django Reinhardt Tribute


Gustav Lundgren electro-acustic guitar
Martin Widlund electro-acustic guitar
Tom Waburton double bass


  • Ballad for Bill | Lundgren Music | 2021
  • I Wish I Knew How It Woud Feel to Be Free | Lundgren Music | 2020
  • What’s New? | Lundgren Music | 2019
  • AGE | Lundgren Music | 2018
  • Acoustic Connection LIVE | Lundgren Music | 2017
  • Bertheléville | Lundgren Music | 2015
  • French Connection | Lundgren Music | 2014
  • Plays Django Reinhardt | Lundgren Music | 2011
  • 8 venues standards | Lundgren Music | 2010


Gustav Lundgren is one of the most outstanding jazz guitarists in the current Swedish musical scene and is considered a specialist in the interpretation of Django Reinhardt works.

Born in Stockholm in 1980, Lundgren began playing at the age of 12. He studied music in Stockholm, Bollnäs and Svalöv between 1996-2000. At the age of 16, Gustav began to play in the clubs of his city and at the age of 19 he made his first tour of Spain with his trio.

Between 2000 and 2011 he toured with different jazz bands around the world: Japan, USA, UK, Brazil, France, Syria, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey, Scotland, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. He has also recorded about fifty CDs; 8 as a soloist and the other collaborating with musicians as Jimmy Rosenberg, Jorge Rossy, Lelo Nika, Dorado Schmitt, Marian Petrescu, Rasmus Faber and Gustavo Bergalli, among other musicians. He has also composed and recorded music for television spots (for MTV, TV4) and has produced the CDs of Jelena Jangfeldt and the Suede's Hot Club. In 2004, AJL Guitars developed a guitar model specifically for him. The following year, he received the Louis Armstrong Fellowship and in 2009 the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Its name shines out with its own light in the jazz cercles, gypsy-Swing and house
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  • 12-10-2019| Stockholm Jazz Festival | Stockholm, Sweden
  • 11-02-2019| Jamboree | Barcelona
  • 25-01-2019| Victoria Teatern | Malmö, Sweden
  • 16-01-2019| Stockholm Concert Hall | Stockholm, Sweden
  • 21-09-2012| Ethno jazz Festival | Moldovia
  • 02-03-2012| Auditori de Vila-real | Vila-Real, Spain
  • 23-01-2012| Södra Teatern | Stockholm, Sweden