Studio advantages


- 40m2 recording room with a 3,70m. height and a rich and natural sonority

- Booth with 100% visibility with the control room and recording room

- Yamaha C6 piano

- Capacity of recording 32 channels simultaneosly

- Located at 5 mins. to the Mar Bella beach



Music arrangements and compositions, musicians casting



Edition in any format (SlimBox, Digi-Pack, CD-ROM, DVD), management of rights



Video shooting 

See vocals/piano recording sample



Recording, mixing and mastering


Multimedia & Publicity

Spots sonorization, extense library of instruments and sounds


Sound engineers

At Rosazul we rely on renowned engineers, guaranteeing our clients an eficient service and impecable results along the recording process:

Daniel Hernandez-Cros

Owner of the studio. Guitar and piano player, singer-songwriter and producer, Daniel has recorded Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto (Colombia), Mercedes Ganzedo and Beatriz Miralles, Andrea Catino (Italy), Wino (Poland), Trio Licopersicon, Sergi Blanch, Quimic Trio, Aida Velert and Beatriz Miralles, Coni Cibils (Argentina), among many productions.


Ferran Conangla 

One of the top and most respected engineers in Spain. Teacher at the Esmuc (Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña). has produced albums for Maria del Mar Bonet, Mayte Martín, Agustí Fernandez, Feliu Gasull, Katia Labèque, Chano Dominguez, Toti Soler, Mishima, Manel, Carme Canela, to name a few.


Jan Valls 

He completed his studies in sonology at the ESMUC school and has mixed albums for Evoéh, Medusa Box, Zebrass Marching Band, Miquel Álvarez, Derrumband, Amaia Miranda, Hora de Joglar, Orquestra Di-Versiones, Phicus and Folk Souvenir, among others.


The studio is available for rent for any situation: video shooting, photo sessions, spots or rehearsals. We work with a flexible formula where any pro can use our studios and execute his project "plug & play" with a previous session with our in-house engineer.

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