PR Services


Any act of communication and specially for an artist is a delicate moment that requires concience, intention and a clear defined goals to reach her target audience. There is an even more delicate moment: the artist should not promote himself directly among the media. Requires a qualified pro to help him deal with the media and to promote himself properly. Choosing the right press agent is vital to build a team to support one's career.

What do we offer?

Our service relies on two basic elements: the press release and an interview with the artist that will be our tools to promote the campaign. Our client will have a microweb permanent address with all the contents: the press release, an interview, high res pics, audio and video, and while the campaign advances the results will be added to the clipping area. Besides, the client will have access to a private admin where he will follow-up with all the contacts made.


- Media tour in Barcelona and Madrid

- Media coverage in all Spanish cities

- New album promo
-Agendas update
-Support in Social Networks

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