Las vueltas que da la vida Daniel Cros

Singer and composer releases Las vueltas que da la vida, his fifth album
The artist is to embark on a tour that will take him around Spain in May


4/5/10 FNAC València

5/5/10 FNAC Murcia

11/5/10 FNAC Màlaga

12/5/10 FNAC Marbella

13/5/10 FNAC Sevilla

18/5/10 FNAC Oviedo

19/5/10 FNAC A Coruña

26/5/10 SALA CLAMORES, Madrid

1/6/10 FNAC Saragossa

2/6/10 FNAC Donosti

Much rain has fallen since the days when he was the singer and guitarist in the mod band Brighton' 64 appearing on National TVE in Spain. Since then, Daniel Cros has followed a trajectory that has been seduced by pop, jazz and Latin rhythms, now he has brought all these genres together into one unique style.

His new work brings together a selection of twelve songs that identify with key moments in his solo career: his percussion studies in Havana, songwriting in the US, his encounter with La Vieja Trova Santiaguera and his regular collaboration with Cuban musicians in Barcelona. As a result of these experiences, his songs are built on rhythms such as the cha cha cha, son, guaguanco, bolero and the tango.

The album, released by Rosazul and distributed by Harmonia Mundi in stores around Spain and major online stores, includes new recordings of songs that were already part of his previous four albums. He has radically changed the arrangements of some of these and even presented them in a different language from when they were originally recorded.

Accompanying the artist is an impressive line-up of musicians: Cubans Raul Fuentes on piano, Yoan Sanchez on percussion and Rafael Coello "el Pochi" on trumpet, Catalan Ferran Cubedo on the baby bass and Daniel Cros who wrote and composed all of the songs, sings, plays piano, Spanish guitar and lute as well as creating the CD artwork.

The songs are based on well-defined musical structures that alternate the AABA form ('De par en par', ‘En la palma de mi mano’, ‘La rosa azul’) with the verse/ chorus (‘Siempre nos quedará Paris', 'Más y más', 'Aire de mar’, this last one sung in Catalan). The lyrics on the other hand, arise from a deeply romantic feeling of someone who lives between the remembrance of lost love and the enthusiasm for love that is yet to come. There is also space for the history of a child's attachment to a drum ('Mi tambor') and the philosophical ‘En la palma de mi mano’. His lyrics, which seek to find the right words and respect the natural accent, and melody, live in happy prosody.

Undoubtedly, Daniel Cros is a great artist both as a songwriter and composer with his ambition to create classics, and also a performer, in the way he manages to convey what he feels passionately but also temperately. He recreates his own world, where love (lost & found) is the only thing that matters. He uses art and expression in a way that gives true meaning to his life.

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